Single vision
Prescribed for distance, intermediate (e.g. computer) or near vision correction.

Lenses with no lines. They provide a continuous, gradual change from distance to intermediate to near vision.

Lenses with a line, providing two fields of vision - generally distance and near, with, for example, no correction for the intermediate distance. The lenses are sectioned into two distinct parts.


Standard Plastic (CR-39)
All Luxottica lenses, including standard plastic lenses, are scratch resistant. Anti scratch layers dramatically reduce scratches for longer lasting clear vision.

Active lenses are thinner, flatter and lighter than standard CR39 lenses and they are 10 times more impact resistant. Active lenses are also more scratch resistant and include UV protection.

Hi Index
Having a high to medium strength prescription no longer means you have to wear thick, heavy lenses. Hi Index lenses are ideally suited to strong prescriptions. They are thinner and lighter in weight than standard plastic lenses and they include UV protection and Invisibles Ultra, significantly reducing reflections.


Luxottica can upgrade your lenses with the latest in advanced optical technology.

Invisibles Ultra Anti-Reflective Coating

See better
The number one reason to wear Invisibles Ultra is to see better. Invisibles Ultra is a technologically advanced anti-reflective lens.

Eyes feel better
Reflections contribute to visual fatigue. Symptoms include headaches, blurred vision, stinging or watering eyes.

Looks better
With Invisibles Ultra, other people can see your eyes more clearly, rather than being distracted by your lenses - so you look better in your glasses.

Protects better
Invisibles Ultra provides UV protection. It's a little like sunblock, but for your eyes, rather than your skin. Note, Invisibles Ultra is clear, unlike sunglass lenses.

Cleans better
Invisibles Ultra's special slippery coating on the lens surface repels dust, dirt and fingerprints. What's more, water droplets bead and slide off the lens surface so you'll see better in the rain.

Crizal Prevencia

See better
This Anti-reflective coating offers reduction in blue light from computer screens and in our environment.

Eyes feel better
It has the ability to reduce adverse effects of computer usage that causes problems with the wearers sleep patterns.

Protects better
It reduces damage to the retina by reducing harmful blue light which has been linked to cases of Macula Degeneration.
It has the great benefits of UV protection including back surface UV protection reducing UV rays from hitting the wearer's eyes off the back surface of the lens.


Transitions® lenses
Transitions lenses adjust to different levels of light so there's no need to constantly swap between ordinary glasses and sunglasses. As adaptive lenses, Transitions are clear indoors and at night, while darkening to sunglass-dark outdoors. Their changeable colour provides UV protection in any light and comfort from glare - so you'll squint less. They're an excellent choice for everyday lenses, but are not a substitute for sunglasses.

Enhance™ computer lenses
Enhance™ lenses are 'enhanced readers', providing near and intermediate focus. For example, wearers can see for reading or computer work and still see things in focus when they look across a room for up to a distance of 2 metres. Highly recommended for computer users and any occupations where good near and intermediate focus is required e.g. receptionists and nurses.
Anti Fatigue Lenses
  • Provides more comfortable reading on screen even after several hours.
  • The eye can move and read effortlessly from the screen to the key board to the desk.
  • Better visual comfort.
  • All vision zones are optomized and vision is clear on sides.
Office All-Rounder
  • Fields of vision are wider for a better visual comfort on screen than a standard progressive.
  • Easy intermediate and near vision access with natural head position. No more head tilt.
  • Specifically designed for screen usage but also has a far vision for a complete indoor use, such as meetings & presentations.
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